coffeesmith espresso coffee is 100% arabica beans which is mild tinge of softness and sweetness of strong coffee without bitterness or acidity, which is characterized by excellent blend coffee. To revive the taste of the beans optimized medium, the most popular in the dark roasting

아라비카 최고급 5종의 중남미 원산지 원두를 블렌딩하여 강한 신맛이나 쓴맛없이 커피의 마일드한 부드러움과 달콤함이 가미되었으며, 뛰어난 바디감이 특징인 커피스미스 하우스 블렌드. 가장 최적화된 원두의 맛을 살리기 위해 미디움-다크 로스팅하여 가장 대중적이며 커피스미스 고유의 색깔이 묻어나는 커피


The aroma of a Tanzania coffee may exhibit a rustic note and sometimes a brown bread sweetness.  The aftertaste lingers with a slight suggestion of East African wildness. Typically with a medium to full body that is intense and creamy, a fine Tanzania coffee has a sweet berry-like, fruity flavor and sometimes notes of cedar. The aroma of a Tanzania coffee may exhibit a rustic note and sometimes a brown bread sweetness.

깊이 있고 풍부한 향미와 고급스러운 산미가 특징인 아프리카 커피


Imagine sensations of chocolate and citrus, of jasmine and ripe red fruit, all at once, dotted by tastes of caramel, even toasted bread. That is the sweet and captivating character of Colombia’s finest Arabica, imparting roundness and bitter/sweet balance.

대표적인 수세가공 커피로 부드러운 산미와 풍부한 향미가 특징인 콜롬비아 커피


Grown in the Balak highlands near Padang on the Indonesian island of Sumatra, this distinctive coffee is named for the island’s Mandailing people and is highly sought after by coffee aficionados. A traditional volcanic and earthy Indonesian profile is complemented by bittersweet chocolate and subtle cherry and raisin notes. A sassy and spicy finish adds to the balance of this full-bodied, yet mildly acidic coffee.

강렬하고 묵직한 바디감과 진하고 구수한 향미가 특징인 커피


A potent coffee. Sweet, but with a bitter acidity. Its rich body makes it the perfect base for any espresso. Trained palates will recognize hints of toast, caramel, and chocolate. This full-bodied coffee offers a truly tactile pleasure to the taste buds.

산뜻하고 균형 잡힌 산미와 적당한 바디감이 특징인 중남미 대표 브라질 알페나스 커피


Coffee from Chiapas Mexico is grown in the highlands with an average rainfall of 120 inches per year. Many farmers and their families live in ejidos, or communal land holding cooperatives, where growers often travel by foot an hour or more over rough terrain in order to cultivate their land. Then heavy sacks of cherries are carried down the mountain, on their backs, to hand processing facilities. It is a difficult task to bring us this wonderful coffee.

부드러운 산미와 은은하고 달콤한 향미가 잘 어우러진 커피


In Guatemala, coffee grows in unspoiled mountain areas, where agriculture respects biodiversity and preserves soil richness. The chill of the altitude is tempered by warm Mexican winds, and coffee plants can be grown at up to 2000 m. This coffee has an intense fragrance and a distinctive sweetness combined with a rich assortment of aromas including notes of chocolate, caramel, citrus fruits and honey

화산 토양의 스모키하고 개성있는 향미와 깊이 있는 산미가 특징인 커피


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